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“How long will the unit last on a single charge?”

This is the most common question asked; and the answer depends entirely on how fast the stored energy is used up.  Power usage is not always steady so it’s difficult to be specific but, as a guide, this chart shows the typical duration based on average power use as a percentage of rated output.

Our teams will be able to answer any questions.

** Data shown is for a 30kVA Hybrid Power Unit

How long will the battery unit last on a single charge?

Stuart Power’s fleet of hybrid power battery units is changing the way that temporary power is being delivered.  Every hybrid unit comes with the functionality for detailed reporting and remote monitoring.

Reduction in run time hours of the generators resulting in reduced fuel usage and carbon emissions.

The reduced carbon emissions had a positive effect to the environment, the direct location environment and positively reduced the impact on the neighbouring London Zoo. 

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