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Hybrid Power Safe


The HybridPowerSafe combines all the benefits of hybrid power with our SafeGen, which is custom designed and built to provide a compact, sound-attenuated, safe and secure option.   Our HybridPowerSafe offers an additional environmental layer with the unit being fully bunded. 

Hybrid Fuel Savings Example

Similar to hybrid car technology, hybrid power battery units have an intelligent control system that manages variable loads, allowing the generator to switch off during periods of low power consumption i.e. overnight. 

The batteries will supply power silently during this period with the changeover being seamless. The generator will automatically restart when the demand is high, or the batteries become depleted. 

On many applications, this is configured by time to meet the site’s power requirements and is ideal for applications in residential areas where noise is an issue.

    Generator Size     Hybrid Battery Unit     Length (mm)          Width (mm)           Height (mm)     Weight Dry (kg)     

    65kVA                    30kVA                           3955                        2438                       2736                   7560                      

    65kVA                    45kVA                           3955                        2438                       2736                   8060


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